Home is the best place in the world. No matter how many high-end expensive hotels you have seen in the world, there is a beauty about our own homes that’s missing elsewhere.

People save their entire lives to get a home so that their children have the home where they feel safe, secure and loved. Hence, everything that gets added new to the home is not just a monetary investment but is tied up to our emotions at heart. So, the next time you hire painters and decorator in Brighton to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home, make sure you take well thought-out steps.

Repainting the wall is a good idea. However, a lot of homeowners keep delaying it. The reason for this is two-fold- time and money. Some smart prioritizing and pre-planning can really get you ahead here. You should totally get the repainting done.

Here are all the reasons why repainting works well:

No Fixed Rules

There are absolutely no fixed rules of repainting. If you do not have enough saved up cash or the time and energy to get the work done, simply get a small but an important corner repainted. For example, you can get the living room done by House Painters in Ashburton.

Or, you may try getting outer walls done by painters and decorator in Brighton. Bit by bit you can start getting different corners repainted. Surely, it is a patient work but you are going to come through.

Slow and steady wins the race!

Fix Surface Issues

Repainting works well for chipping wall paint. If your home looks flaky and you cannot bear the sight of it, it is time to dial the number and call the experts to work.

Due to fluctuating weather, moisture retention, bad paint quality and so on, the surface starts to chip out.

If it has happened due to bad quality of paint, make sure this time you hire experts who have good product knowledge. So, are you ready to give a call to your nearest Painters and decorator in Brighton?


Getting the home repainted helps in reducing or removing dampness, fungal growth and stains on the walls. Overtime these external factors grip the walls tight and mere washing won’t get the job done. You have got to get the walls repainted.

Adding Strength and Longevity

When you scale off the old paint and have a new coating done, you are adding strength and longevity to walls. Taking care of walls is important. Homeowners, who neglect walls both inner and outer, have to spend more money in repair and damage control. Painters and decorator in Brighton will save you here, get in touch with them soon.

A stitch in time saves nine!

Add some new colors

Life should be full of colors and one color for too long may bore you off. Changing the wall-paint adds a fresh vibe to home. If your wall paints are pretty old, you may think of getting a new shade done.

Better value for the property

When the walls are shiny, fresh and clean, you are bound to get higher value for the home. In case you are looking to resell the home, having decent looking walls is a plus point.

Get in touch with a reliable painters and decorator in Brighton to get the job done well and on time. There are many to offer this service. Make sure you go through the profile before making the payments and hiring an expert.

Choose These Popular Exterior House Colors

An expert opinion on exterior shades is important. Putting together common opinions on shades, this is what we have got for you:

The very first category is that of the classic. Here in this category we have got grey, warm whites and monochromatic. These are safe choices and hardly ever go wrong.

If you are not a huge fan of experimentation and like to go for the tried and tested stuff then go for these classic shades and you will never regret it. Try balancing out with a bright door and windows.

Bonus tip that most painters and decorator in Brighton won’t offer you is that you may also go for plants and pots on the outside to add some details.

There is a high rise of demand for the shade Greige.

Not dramatically different from the classic, this shade Australians seems to be in love with! It has a hint of grey in brown.  Remember those brownish tweed jackets on professors? Yes, Greige is something on that line and you are going to love it on the outer walls.

So, this was all about it. Hope you have had a good read. Did this blog help you? Do let Panoramic Painting Group know about it at- info@panoramicpaintinggroup.com.au

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